Sacramental Living

The mission of our church library is to promote and provide titles that will enrich one’s faith in Jesus Christ no matter where they are in their faith journey.  Our hard copy collection of Christian-based media includes approximately 4,000 books, several hundred video and audio titles, and several periodical subscriptions.  However in this day and age of the Internet, we should also consider promoting online sources that we feel are consistent with our mission statement.

Yesterday I was introduced to one such source.  It is a blog entitled Sacramental Living maintained by two of our sisters in Christ who attend church here at St John.  At this blog you will find entries that bring faith-based current events to our attention, as well as those containing thought provoking spiritual examination.  Like this church library blog that you are presently reading, Sacramental Living is a fairly new blog, so go check it out if you have a chance and provide the authors with some feedback on their writings if you feel so inclined.

The URL for the Sacramental Living blog is  A link to the Sacramental Living blog will be available from the main page of this blog you are presently reading.  By subscribing to their blog, you will be assured of receiving the authors updated writings as they are posted, just like you can with this blog.  You are subscribed to this blog, aren’t you?  If not, use the orange button with the white stripes just below to start subscribing!



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